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Club Instructor Certification


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Commit to the Youth/Children’s Ministry Volunteer Code of Conduct  
  •  Be currently approved by your conference’s child protection screening verification
  • Be a baptized Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves Jesus and is willing to share this love in both word and deed
  • Complete Pathfinder Club Basic Certification


This Certification is intended to provide a strong foundation for someone who will be serving a local Pathfinder club as an honor or Investiture Achievement instructor. Ideally the seminars should be taken before the staff member actually takes up their duties. The field work would be done during their first year as an instructor.

Workshops in the Instructor Certification include:

  • Understanding Teaching Styles—EDUC 002
  • Understanding Learning Styles—EDUC 003
  • Working with Children with Special Needs—EDUC 006
  • Teaching Christian Values—EDUC 150
  • Teaching Investiture Achievement: Intent and Organization—EDUC 200
  • Practical Applications for Teaching Investiture Achievement—EDUC 210
  • Teaching Honors—EDUC 230
  • Introduction to Discipline—PSYO 120

Required Fieldwork

  1. Establish a mentoring relationship with an experienced instructor, or, even better, with a professional teacher. Document the conversations and advice that they share with you over the course of a Pathfinder year.
  2. Lead a group of Pathfinders to Investiture.
  3. Lead a group of Pathfinders to successful completion of an honor.
  4. Create a portfolio that contains the handouts and your personal notes from the workshops you attend and the mentoring you receive. In your portfolio, place copies of your teaching plans and records as your complete requirements 2. and 3.

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