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Pathfinder Club Counselor Certification


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Commit to the Youth/Children’s Ministry Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • Be currently approved by your conference’s child protection screening verification.
  • Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
  • Have completed the CMT Pathfinder Basic Staff Training certificate.

Overview of the Certification

This training certification is intended to provide a foundation for staff members who will hold the most important role in Pathfinder Ministry, that of Counselor. The seminars should be taken before a staff member actually takes up duties as a counselor. It is designed to be taught in a six (6) hour intensive session. Much of the fieldwork will be done during the year of service.

Workshops in the Counselor Certification include:

  • Pathfinder Club Outreach—PFAD 004
  • The Pathfinder Club Organization: The Counselor’s Support Team—PFAD 100
  • Discipling and Discipline—PYSO 121
  • Developmental Growth—PYSO 104
  • The Counselor’s Relationship to the Pathfinder—PYSO 124
  • The Counselor’s Responsibilities—PFAD 101
  • Safety and the Counselor—RCSF 120
  • Spiritual Applications in Nature—NAOS 120

Required Fieldwork

  1. Create a portfolio that contains the handouts and your personal notes from the workshops that you attend.

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