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BSTC Certification

Pathfinder Club Director


1. Be at least 18 years old
2. Commit to the Youth/Children’s Ministry Volunteer Code of Conduct

3. Be currently approved by your conference’s child protection screening verification

4. Be a baptized Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves Jesus and is willing to share this love in both word and deed

5. Complete the Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Certification

Overview of the Certification

This  Certification is intended to provide a strong foundation for someone who has little if any prior experience with Pathfinders, but has been asked to serve as club director by their local church. Ideally the seminars should be taken before the new director actually takes up their duties. The field work would be done during their first year as a director, associate director or deputy director.

Workshops in the Club Secretary/Treasurer Certification include:

  • Reports, Records and Merit Systems—PFAD 140
  • Annual Calendar Development—PFAD 141
  • Forms: Health and Medical, Permissions, Volunteer and Vehicle Driver forms—PFAD 142
  • Club Finances—FINA 100
  • Introduction to Budgeting—FINA 101
  • Introduction to Fundraising—FINA 110
  • Practical Communication—CMME 104

Required Fieldwork

  1. Establish a relationship with your Pathfinder coordinator.
  2. Have and read the Pathfinder Club Handbook and compile a list of action items for the upcoming Pathfinder year.
  3. Create a portfolio that contains the handouts and your notes from the workshops you attended, your Pathfinder calendar, meeting schedules, and other paperwork for the year.

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